Utility menu

If you want to have a secondary menu above the Main Menu bar that contains links to pages such as “Contact Us” “Calendar” or other pages that might be useful for your users to access from all pages:

  1. Structure > Menus > + Add Menu.
  2. Create a “Utility Menu” > Save.
  3. Under Content > Add Basic Page > add pages that you wish to appear under this Utility Menu, such as Contact Us, Calendar, Admin Login, etc.
  4. Return to Structure > Menus > Utility Menu and on the right side, click “Add links.”
  5. Add names to link to these pages and add the url paths to those pages. Drupal always respect path names from the home directory.
    For example, if you created a page titled "About us," the URL will probably be "mysite.mit.edu/about-us."
    To link to this page from your Utility Menu link, enter "about-us" in the path name field.
  6. Save.
  7. To enable your Utility Menu:
    Structure > Blocks > scroll down to find your Utility Menu in the disabled blocks section.
    On the right side, under Region, select "Menu Bar" from the drop-down menu.
    Now scroll up to the enabled blocks section, locate the Utility Menu in the Menu Bar section, grab the cross to the left and drag it above Main Menu.
  8. If you wish the links in the Utility Menu to respect the same rollover (hover) state as the links in the rest of your site, add the following rule in your core CSS style sheet (this rule will cause the links to show in red #A31F34 on hover):
    #secondary-menu-bar .menu a:hover, #menu-bar nav.block-menu .menu a:hover {
      color: #A31F34;