Basic styling

  1. By default, a link allowing you to log in directly via Touchstone (with your Athena name and certificates) appears in the footer: “Login using Touchstone.” This may not make sense to outside users or you may wish to use that space for something else. You can hide this link:
    1. Structure > Blocks > Shibboleth authentication (in the Footer region). Under “Region,” select None.
    2. You’ll be able to log on to your site using your MIT certificate by using
    3. Select “Click here to log in to your site via Touchstone.”
  2. Change name of site (top left)
    1. Configuration > System > Site information
    2. Edit “Site name” and “Slogan” to suit your needs.
    3. “Slogan” is the sub-title in smaller type beneath the site name.
  3. By default, a News and a Blog page are preinstalled. If you do not intend to use those, at least for now, hide these pages and their links:
    1. Structure > Menus > Main Menu: list links > unclick “Enabled” for News and Blog
    2. Save Configuration
  4. Hide the name of the Home page (“Home”) on the Home page.
    By default, Drupal displays the title of your page as the main header of that page. Your home page is titled “Home” and therefore will display a header “Home” which may seem redundant and unnecessary. To hide this:
    1. Configuration > System > Site information.
    2. Scroll down to Front Page.
    3. Check "Hide page title on homepage."