About the DLC theme

The DLC theme for MIT Drupal Cloud was designed and developed by Tom Pixton when he worked at MIT Communications Initiatives (formerly MIT Communication Production Services). Over many years of working with MIT organizations on their website content strategy, information architecture, usability, and mobile compliance, an interactive web template used repeatedly for MIT sites evolved into a standardized website model.

In 2014, IS&T implemented this model in their Drupal Cloud service, naming it the “DLC Theme.” In 2015, the DLC Theme was made the default theme for all Cloud sites.

The DLC theme provides:

  • a site framework that can be modified to any aesthetic for a variety of MIT departments, labs, and centers;
  • mobile compliance that provides a usable experience on any device;
  • a typographic structure that ensures balanced spacing on all elements on all devices;
  • compliance with MIT graphic identity standards and with current accessibility standards.